What Are Some Tips for Feng Shui Decorating?

What Are Some Tips for Feng Shui Decorating?

In decorating according to feng shui, good flow of energy is the key explains About.com. Airiness, lighting, color selection and cleanliness are highly important points to consider.

Start with the front door. To prevent obstruction of energy flow, keep recycling bins, dead plants and similar items away from the entrance. The door should be clean, without rust or old nails. Match the color of the door with its direction. For doors facing east, the best choices are green and brown. South doors should be red, and those facing southeast should be rich pink, purple or yellow. West and northwest doors should be white or gray, while north-facing doors should be black or blue.

In the living room, make sure that everything is organized and that there is enough air and light. Keep it practical. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary trinkets, but keep it simple, and make sure it serves its purpose.

The kitchen should be away from the entrance or the back door. The best color for the kitchen is yellow. Fresh flowers are most welcome. The main goals in kitchen decorating are good lighting, cleanliness and making sure that it is airy and spacious.

There should be no TV sets, computers or exercise equipment in the bedroom. The bed should not be directly in line with the door, and it should be easily approachable, with two nightstands, one on each side. The bedroom should be in the color of human skin, any hue from white to rich brown.