What Are Some Tips for Fence Stretching?

What Are Some Tips for Fence Stretching?

Tips for fence stretching include using woven wire or single barbed wire strands and using a wooden fence stretcher to apply pressure to the fence. Purchase a fence stretcher to use or build a wooden fence stretcher using two-by-fours and six bolts.

To stretch a fence effectively, apply a high degree of pressure and tension to the fence. A fence that is too loose lets animals get under or over it, possibly harming the animals in the process. To ensure the fence is stretched using ample pressure, use a fence stretcher.

To make the fence stretcher, place two-by-fours together on their flat sides, and bore holes in the sides. Make the holes slightly larger than the diameter of the bolts, and use two-by-fours that are a bit longer than the wire.

Use a small fence clamp and a come-along to get the correct level of tension in the wire before attaching it to the fence post. Use fence clamps for only one wire strand at a time. Hook the end of the fence clamp to the come-along, and push to open the clamping jaws. Lay the wire into the open groove, and pull the hook close to the clamp.

If done correctly, the come-along and the barbed wire produce enough tension to hold the clamp closed and keep the wire in place. Ratchet the come-along until the wire is tight.