What Are Some Tips to Get an Even Coat of Paint Using Cans of Spray Paint?


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When using spray paint, how evenly the paint goes on depends largely on surface preparation, the location, spraying method and drying times. All of these variances work together and ultimately can be the difference between a streaky paint job or a flawless finish.

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Prep the surface of the item by cleaning, sanding and applying a primer to ensure a smooth, clean area for the spray paint to adhere. Select an open, well-ventilated area for the job with temperatures ranging between 50 and 90 degrees.

An important factor for achieving an even paint coat involves your spraying method. Use a sweeping motion (instead of just pointing and spraying straight) by starting on one side and sweeping the can to the other side. Spray back and forth from side to side, and overlap your previous stoke by about one-third to remove spray lines. Allow each coat to dry before spraying more paint. Multiple thin coats result in a more flawless finish versus one heavy coat of paint.

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