What Are Some Tips for Estimating the Cost of House Framing?

When estimating the cost of house framing, consider the scope of the home, its geographical location and the desired framing style. Pricing a frame is not an exact science, but doing research with these factors in mind helps a prospective homeowner determine a reasonable estimate of the local cost of house framing.

The framing project scope should be a consideration for home builders. Smaller homes typically have a lower cost for framing and overall construction compared to the national average.

In addition to house size, the geographical location also has an impact on the framing price of a new home. The cost of framing a home in Montana is much different than the cost of framing one in Connecticut, for example. Not only does the location's average cost of living influence the framing price, but other factors such as the weight of roofing, soil stability, availability of materials and local taxes also influence the cost.

The style of framing can also influence the project's cost. Some companies use a stick-framing style, while others use metal or post and beam framing. Stick framing is the most affordable option, but other styles offer extra benefits that stick framing cannot, such as variations in design.