What Are Some Tips for Ensuring Proper Drainage From Rain Gutters and Downspouts?


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Ensure proper drainage from gutters and downspouts by keeping the trough's clear of leaves and debris, ensuring the components are properly attached to the house and directing water away from the foundation of the home. Improperly installed or maintained gutters provide poor protection for the home and can lead to costly repairs over time.

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The nature of the gutter system makes it susceptible to filling with leaves, roofing aggregate and other debris that the rain washes from the roof. These materials form dams in the troughs that prevent water from flowing to the downspouts and away from the home. Clean the system regularly to keep the water flowing correctly. Gutter guards help to reduce the leaves that fill the troughs, but the openings are large enough to allow many seeds and other small particles entry, so gutters still require occasional cleaning even with the guards in place.

Gutters should provide a gentle slope toward the downspouts. If the fasteners work loose, the troughs sag and water puddles inside. The additional weight puts stress on the fasteners and the problem grows worse. Check the attachment system to ensure the units remain in the proper placement. Seal any joints to prevent leaks.

The bottom of the downspouts should have a splash block, extension or other means of directing water away from the foundation. Water eroding the soil and pooling near the foundation causes significant damage. Modify the system and direct the water away from the house.

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