What Are Some Tips for Eliminating Raccoons?


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Some tips for getting rid of and deterring raccoons include installing motion-activated lights around the property, placing speakers or radios inside or near trash cans, adding small amounts of ammonia to trash cans and trapping the raccoons for release elsewhere. Other tips for keeping raccoons away include installing barriers around porches or decks that the raccoons can crawl under and refraining from leaving pet food outside.

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Raccoons are nocturnal and are easily scared away when caught in bright light. Light up the property at night with motion-activated halogen or LED flood lights positioned to illuminate the entire yard when one motion sensor is tripped.

Raccoons are most commonly drawn to a property because there is an abundance of food to scavenge. Open trash cans, pet dishes and compost piles are all sources of food that should be secured or removed to prevent a raccoon infestation from beginning or continuing. Raccoons are known to feed on grubs that live in the soil. A yearly yard treatment can not only prevent insect infestation, but also cut off another source of food from any raccoons in the area. In addition, products intended to repel moles and gophers can be effective in stopping raccoons from digging up a yard for food due to the foul taste.

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