What Are Some Tips for Eliminating Asian Beetles From Your Home?


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The most helpful way to eliminate Asian beetles, or ladybugs, from your home is to collect them with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. After that, release the bugs outdoors or place them on the plants that are growing inside the house. They are very beneficial for the plants because they eat aphids and some other plant pests. To prevent further Asian beetle infestation, seal up and repair all the entry points through which bugs may get inside the house.

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Asian beetles typically crawl through the cracks and crevices around windows, eaves, doors, insulation and siding. The locations where pipes, conduits and wires go inside the house might also have enough space around them for the bugs to crawl through. In addition, you can plant trees along the southern side of the house, as ladybugs are likely to shelter there instead of your home.

Ladybugs are not harmful to structures, fabrics or other items in the house. They rarely cause allergic reactions and don't carry disease, so it is not necessary to get rid of them unless they bother you too much. Asian beetles crawl inside the cracks in the house in the fall in order to hibernate for the winter and return back outside in the spring. Since the beetles are asleep in the winter, insecticides are useless against them. The only way they might help is if ladybugs get too warm and wake up, but then you have to apply chemicals to surfaces, such as tables, which can result in poisoning of the people who live in the house.

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