What Are Some Tips to Easily Take Apart Furniture?


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When taking apart furniture for moving or storage, begin by reading the instructions for disassembly, and follow the disassembly process strictly and carefully using the right tools. It is prudent to take apart furniture in a secure place and keep everything properly during the process.

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What Are Some Tips to Easily Take Apart Furniture?
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When planning to disassemble furniture, gather the necessary tools and keep them close during the disassembly process. It is important to collect different sizes of screwdrivers for taking apart various sizes and types of furniture. An electric drill made with multiple drill bits and hammer or crowbar are essential for disassembling furniture. Gathering these tools prior to commencement of disassembling process helps get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Ensure that you disassemble the furniture in a safe place with enough space. Working in a compact space makes it difficult to disassemble the furniture efficiently. The area should be clean and free from water and other liquids. Ensure to remove the glass first when taking apart furniture with glass shelves or doors. Wrap the glass carefully in a blanket or bubble wrap to prevent chipping or breaking.

Storing the bolts, screws and nails properly during the disassembly process helps a person get the right elements during reassembly. Ensure that different pieces are stored in individual bags and labeled. A person can make reassembly easy by taping the screws, nails or bolts underneath the respective furniture.

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