What Are Some Tips for Drip System Installation?


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Tips for drip system installation include drawing out a plan for the garden before purchasing the drip irrigation kit and contacting a kit manufacturer to design an efficient system for a specific garden. Another tip is to cut the tubing and reattach it using elbow connectors wherever the tube needs to turn at a sharp angle. Placing the tubing in the sun before installing the drip irrigation system also helps to make it soft and workable.

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It is advisable to create a plan for the garden before purchasing supplies as a drip irrigation system requires a lot of tubing. Homeowners can purchase prepunched tubing or unperforated tubing to create their own emitters for unusual layouts.

When connecting the hose to the outdoor faucet, a homeowner should attach a vacuum breaker to the pressure regulator to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the home's water supply lines. When laying out the tubing, it needs to be close to the roots of the plants.

Another tip involves flushing water through the system to get rid of dirt and debris. Soil and dirt get into the tubing during installation and could clog the emitters. Once the homeowner removes all the dirt, he crimps the end of the pipe to close it and covers the tubing with mulch to keep water from evaporating before it gets to the plant roots.

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