What Are Some Tips for Drilling Your Own Water Well?


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When drilling your own water well, pull out the drill and put in the well screen very quickly. Use cement rather than concrete to seal the well. Other tips include using the right drill and doing research on the geology of the land before beginning to drill.

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Sometimes pulling out the drill pipe can cause sand and stones to collapse into the cavity. To prevent this from happening, use a drill pipe that's bigger than your well screen pipe. This way you can put the screen into place before you pull the drill out. After pulling out the drill pipe, pour in sand first and then concrete around the sides of the well screen so that surface water does not seep into the well.

The best drills are portable units with a diamond or tungsten carbide tip. Even these do not have an easy time drilling through granite or quartz boulders, in which case the process can take a while. Get geological maps, and ask neighbors about the depths of their wells to find out what lies beneath the ground. Professional well diggers are also good sources of information about the hardest rock they have encountered in the immediate neighborhood.

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