What Are Some Tips for Drain Pipe Repair?


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Tips for repairing a drain pipe include determining whether a loose fitting or a burst pipe is the source of a leak as well as avoiding any contact with water held in P-traps. Holding a clean paper towel up to each section of the drain pipe and then checking it for moisture is another tip for locating the source of a leak. After making repairs, always test drains to ensure they are no longer leaking before removing the catch bucket.

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Always point a bright light directly at the pipes and plumbing when making repairs or determining the source of a leak. Perform an inspection of all drain pipes to ensure all fittings are secure and tight. Tightening loose couplings can eliminate leaks and alleviate excess moisture. For snug couplings, unscrew the pipes, and detach the join before cleaning the threads on either end and replacing worn gaskets and fittings. Use a wrench on stubborn connections, or insert a screwdriver through the cross-piece to provide better torque.

Other tips include removing and cleaning the drain pipe before reassembly. Remove old gasket putty and other residue from around installation areas, and scrub both ends of the drain pipe with a stiff-bristled bush before washing pipe in a soap and water solution. Always apply plumber's putty or another type of sealant on pipe threads during reassembly.

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