What Are Some Tips for Drain Odor Removal?


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Household products such as baking soda, orange or lemon peels, or white vinegar can remove odors from drains, according to Horizon Services. Even a few tablespoons of scented dish soap followed by hot water can help reduce the smell. Finally, the best way of dealing with the odor is to prevent it by keeping food out of the drain and thoroughly flushing any particles that pass through the strainer.

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Baking soda and hot water are a classic combination for deodorizing and unclogging drains, states Horizon Services. Pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain, allowing it to sit for 20 minutes, and following it with a pot of boiling water simultaneously removes bad odors and cleans the pipes. While commercial cleaners used every few weeks are an option, citrus peels are a natural remedy, although using too many peels can cause corrosion in the pipes.

A common cause of bad odors in bathroom drains is hair, warns Horizon Services. The hair clogs the pipe, causing the sinks to drain more slowly and giving the odors time to settle and accumulate.

While shower and bathtub strainers can help prevent hair from going down the drain, a drain stick or plumbing snake can remove the clog, says Lowe's. Other options include a plunger or chemical drain cleaners.

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