What Are Some Tips for Disposing of Concrete Slabs?

Tips for disposing a concrete slab include breaking it into smaller chunks, keeping wheelbarrow loads small, renting a gated dumpster and enlisting the help of others. A 12-pound sledge and pry bar are usually effective at breaking small slabs up to 4 inches thick. For thicker slabs, an electric jackhammer may be necessary. Pneumatic jackhammers are ideal for larger jobs.

Breaking concrete into smaller pieces of rubble allows easier removal. Most slabs have reinforcement wire in the concrete. Bolt cutters are effective for cutting the rubble apart. Regardless of the type of hammer used to break the concrete, the demolition team should aim the force a few inches from the last break. Attempting to break off large chunks with a jackhammer leads to a stuck bit and leads to more work.

Concrete rubble is very heavy. When loading it into a wheelbarrow, the crew should avoid overfilling the wheelbarrow. A gated dumpster allows the wheelbarrow to roll inside for dumping and eliminates the need to toss the chunks over the wall, a time-consuming and tiring job.

Disposing of concrete in this manner is physically exhausting, and enlisting help is essential. With two people, one can use a pry bar to lift the broken edge of the concrete while the other hits with the hammer. This technique prevents the sand under the slab from absorbing the hammer's force and increases the effectiveness of each hit.