What Are Some Tips for Determining Tree Value?


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To identify the value of a tree, a person must examine it based on several factors, including size, species, condition and location. To acquire complete information about the size of a tree, determine its height and the diameter of the trunk at the height of 1 to 4.5 feet from the ground. In addition, find out the branch spread and bark thickness.

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It may be difficult to assess the effect of the tree species on its value, as some species are more difficult to grow than other ones, and some are very likely to break or get affected by insects. To evaluate the condition of the tree, check for any split or damaged branches and roots, signs of insect infestation and other diseases. To evaluate the tree's location, examine how well it is placed, whether it contributes to the site aesthetically, and if it has any functions. Evaluate the area where the tree is growing in overall quality as well.

There are several methods that professionals use to determine the value of a tree. The replacement-cost method determines how much it would cost to replace the tree with an identical one or several smaller trees if the original one is too large. The value is a sum of the cost of a replacement tree and its installation. When using the trunk formula to estimate the value of a tree that is too large to find a replacement, the value of a tree is a sum of the cost of a smaller tree available, its installation cost and an additional sum of money to account for the larger size of the original tree.

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