What Are Some Tips for Designing Your Own Closet?

What Are Some Tips for Designing Your Own Closet?

When designing your own closet, you need to consider the space available, the function of the closet and your budget for the project. You may also look into online design tools to help you choose and create a closet design.

The space you have to work with determines what size and type of closet you should opt for. For example, a larger room can accommodate a walk-in closet, whereas a smaller room may only fit a reach-in closet. Space also determines the shape of your closet design.

If you are building a bedroom closet, you need to incorporate different kinds of storage options in your closet design, such as shelves, drawers, shoe racks and hanging rods. For a garage or entry way closet, your storage needs may require more shelf space with fewer drawers. This means that your closet design is largely determined by its function.

Your budget is also a factor to consider when designing your own closet. You need to factor in the cost of the materials used in the design you choose. Custom finishes such as retractable components, full-length mirrors or walk-in options also cost more than basic closet designs.

There are several online design tools that enable you to create a closet design with several samples you can customize to fit your needs. You can then build your own closet or get your design built by professional builders or suppliers, such as Home Depot.