What Are Some Tips for Designing a Backyard Patio?


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Tips for patio design include following the home's style, determining how to use the space, improving the surrounding landscape, and adding accent lights. A well-designed patio can add to a home's living space, provide a place to relax after work, and increase the owner's enjoyment of his property.

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What Are Some Tips for Designing a Backyard Patio?
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The patio should reflect the style of the home. Adding a Victorian patio to a ranch-style home creates confusion for visitors and can reduce the value of the property when it is time to sell. Following the architectural style of the home creates a patio that complements the interior living space.

Patios have many different uses, and the design should include the intended function. A patio that is to serve as an outdoor kitchen and dining area requires a different design than one the owner intends to use as an area for visiting with friends.

Patios offer unobstructed views of the surrounding landscaping. Adding shrubs can provide visual blockage and sound reduction when needed. Properly placed trees provide shade and keep the area cooler on warm days.

Inexpensive string lights can add to the patio atmosphere after dark. The lights might provide illumination of a path to another area of the garden, accent a particular shrub or improve safety. Candles, in sturdy candleholders, provide an attractive lighting option.

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