What Are Some Tips for Decorating With Wall Mirrors?


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When decorating with wall mirrors, check to see what the mirror is going to reflect, and consider hanging it across from a significant object that deserves attention, such as a piece of art or furniture. To improve the light in a room, hang a mirror across from a window.

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Unlike paintings, wall mirrors should not necessarily always be hung at eye level. The appropriate height to hang a mirror depends on what is going to be reflected. Hanging a large mirror in a small room can be an effective way to make the room feel more spacious. Wall mirrors may also be used to make narrow hallways feel more open.

Making a mirror the focal point in a room can provide a pleasant aesthetic. Some decorators enjoy covering an entire wall with mirrors. The frame around a mirror can also drastically alter the feeling of a room. Some designers use vintage mirrors with flaws to create a unique mood.

When using multiple mirrors on one wall, it is usually best to do so in a room with minimal amounts of clutter. When hanging wall mirrors, it is important to use picture hangers or wall hooks to keep the mirror secure and flat against the wall. Large, heavy mirrors should be hung by professionals.

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