What Are Some Tips for Decorating Small Spaces?

What Are Some Tips for Decorating Small Spaces?

Some tips for decorating small spaces include using light colors to make the space seem larger and hanging a mirror opposite a window. Metallic objects placed around the room will also reflect light, making the space seem larger, notes Real Simple.

By using light colors on the floor and walls, it makes the space seem larger. Hanging a wall opposite a window bounces light around the room, giving it a brighter look. Using metallics sparingly within a small room also helps reflect the light, providing the same results as the mirror, and can open up a small space.

Another designer tip for making a small space look larger and brighter includes making use of corners. Corners are sometimes overlooked but they are excellent for corner shelves or large, overstuffed chairs, according to Real Simple.

To make a small window appear larger, hang curtains several inches above the actual window. This works because a higher curtain rod draws the eye up, creating the appearance of a larger window and in turn, a larger room. Also, try hanging the curtains a few inches past the sides of the window.

Finally, choose furniture for the room that offers extra storage. This will prevent the small space from becoming cluttered. Desks, tables and ottomans often have built-in storage specifically for this purpose.