What Are Some Tips for Dealing With a Chimney Draft Problem?

Deal with a chimney draft problem by using an inflatable flue plug, a chimney damper or a Flueblocker. These options are all easy to remove, which makes them good options for fireplaces still in intermittent use.

A simple and cost-effective way of dealing with a chimney draft problem is to buy an inflatable flue plug, a product that inflates to fit the flue snugly and block drafts. Inflatable flue plugs are available in various sizes, and their design ensures safety if a fire ignites accidentally because they burn and collapse, allowing the smoke and heat to escape.

Similar to inflatable flue plugs are chimney dampers made from polyurethane, which are suitable for both rectangular and circular chimney shapes. Flueblockers made of wool also help fix chimney draft problems. Wool is a natural fire retardant, and the blockers are washable for continued use. Flueblockers made from wool have the additional ecological advantage of being biodegradable.

Metal chimney dampers consisting of a galvanized steel plate are a more permanent and long-lasting option. The plate screws into place inside the flue and then seals to stop drafts.

A short-term temporary measure is to block drafty chimneys with boards or scraps of wood. Sealing all open edges and corners with caulking or silicon also helps keep out drafts. Other materials, such as wool, fiberglass, foam insulation and newspaper, work to block the flue provided the fireplace is no longer in use.