What Are Some Tips for Cutting Lexan?


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You can cut Lexan by hand with a hacksaw, a band saw, a circular saw or a jigsaw. It is important to securely clamp the Lexan when cutting it, as vibrations can cause rough-cut edges. For best results, use fine-toothed panel blades when cutting Lexan.

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Leave the Lexan's protective masking attached while it, as it offers protection from surface damage and scratching. It is also useful to have a compressed air supply available to help blow away dust and buildup, ensuring a smooth edge.

If the sheet of Lexan is less than 3 millimeters thick, it is best to cut it with a band saw or jigsaw. However, a circular saw works well when cutting thicker sheets. Start cutting when the blade is at full speed, and use a low feed. Tungsten carbide-tipped blades with beveled teeth are effective when working with Lexan.

You can cut Lexan with a horizontal or vertical band saw with securely clamped Lexan. Keep the saw guides as close as possible to the Lexan sheet to prevent the blade from bending. Clamping is also very important when using a jigsaw or hacksaw. Again, a low feed helps get the best results when using these types of saws.

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