What Are Some Tips for Controlling Vermin in the Home?


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Some tips for controlling vermin in the house are vacuuming every rug and carpet on a regular basis, fixing any broken window screens and using a perimeter spray around the outside of the house. Other ways to control vermin in the home include avoiding leaving any food scraps or stagnant water out in the open.

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What Are Some Tips for Controlling Vermin in the Home?
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One way to control vermin and pests in the home is to vacuum every rug and carpet and dispose of the vacuum's contents in an outdoor garbage bin. This gets rid of any stray insects that may have been on the floor as well as any food crumbs or particles that may have been left out to attract pests.

Another good way to keep vermin out of the home is to repair any broken window screens and patch up any holes or cracks in the home that lead to the outside. This method works especially well for keeping flying insects out, but pests of all kinds may take advantage of this kind of easy access to the home if it is not remedied.

Spraying an anti-pest perimeter spray all around the outside of the home, including the foundation, the steps, and the windows and doors, is another effective way to keep vermin from entering the home. Patch up any cracks in the foundation detected during the spraying process with caulk or sealer.

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