What Are Some Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Used Dehumidifier?


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When purchasing a used dehumidifier, consider the size of the unit, the safety features and the dehumidification capacity to see if it is capable of removing sufficient moisture from the home. A used unit should also be inspected for wear and tear on the motor, parts, coils and exterior.

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Used models that are energy efficient can cut back on utility costs. Any used dehumidifier that runs continuously may not, however, be the best choice if cost is a consideration. A used unit with automatic shut down when the water tank is full may be an ideal choice. Some used units also feature a timer switch so users can preset when they want the dehumidifier to run.

The required size of a used dehumidifier should be based on the amount of moisture that needs to extracted from the air in a person's home or basement. A larger capacity model can dehumidify a larger area in a shorter amount of time than a smaller capacity model. A smaller capacity model may run more frequently and produce more noise in high traffic areas, and this can be distracting. Individuals with large homes or extremely high moisture areas to treat may want to consider multiple units.

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