What Are Some Tips for Concrete Slab Repair?


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Workers should always wear protective gear when repairing concrete, including safety goggles, long pants, long sleeves and sturdy gloves. If using chemicals or power equipment, always follow the instructions carefully.

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Repairing a concrete slab may take at least two people to complete because of the amount of concrete that needs mixing. The repair tools needed include a sledgehammer, a broom, wooden forms, concrete, and a wheel barrow or other container to mix the concrete. Other necessary tools include a screeding board, darby, brush, trowel and hand edger. A groover and water source are also necessary.

First, break up the damaged area with a sledge hammer. Lay smaller bits of the broken concrete in the area to form a bed for the new concrete. Use a broom to clean the edges of the remaining slabs, and set up forms around the edges of the work area. The tops of the forms should be the height of the ultimate slab. Mix the concrete, dampen the area, pour the concrete within the forms until it reaches the top, and use the screeding board to smooth the area.

Encourage the concrete to settle by tapping the side of the forms, and smooth the concrete again with a darby. When water appears, stop to let it evaporate. Smooth the concrete again with a trowel, let the concrete set, and smooth it again. Use the edger or groover to match the repaired slab with the rest of the concrete.

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