What Are Some Tips for Completing Your Tool Chest?


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Complete your tool chest by ensuring you have the necessary tools to fix most household problems. A fully stocked tool chest should include a quality claw hammer, various sizes of both Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, a cordless drill, pliers and a small handheld saw. Depending on your interests and requirements, you can keep adding items, like mechanic's ratchets, woodworker's chisels or other speciality tools once you have a solid, versatile tool chest.

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A few other very useful items to have in a well-stocked tool chest are adjustable wrenches, ratchets and tongue-and-groove pliers. Adjustable wrenches, widely known by the genericized trademark, crescent wrenches, are useful for making simple plumbing repairs and removing worn nuts and bolts. Ratchets are mostly used for auto and small engine repair, but these tools are also useful for assembling furniture and securing nuts and bolts in hard to reach spots.

Much like crescent wrenches, tongue-and-groove pliers are better known as channellock pliers, after the brand name of a leading manufacturer. Tongue-and-groove pliers feature serrated surfaces that easily grip damaged or irregular surfaces. Because the distance between the handles on tongue-and-groove pliers does not change much regardless of wide open they are, these tools are very useful for holding pipes and other large objects in place.

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