What Are Some Tips for Comparing the Prices of Stair Lifts?


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Tips for comparing the prices of stair lifts include checking the maximum load capacity, the height of the seat and back, the age of the lift and the maximum travel distance. Buyers should also consider the age and style of the lift, as well as additional features, to determine the best value.

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What Are Some Tips for Comparing the Prices of Stair Lifts?
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Buyers should measure both the staircase and surrounding landings to determine the necessary requirements for the lift, which helps eliminate some options. The chair must be able to fit within the case without hitting the railing and allow for enough space at the top and bottom to load and unload the occupant. Buyers should also check product descriptions for unnecessary features, such as seat warmers, which may increase the price.

Load capacity is an important factor to consider when pricing stair lifts because it determines the ability of the chair to support the intended user. Similarly, the seat size and height are also important, as the chair must be large enough to comfortably seat the occupant. It may be necessary to pay more for a lift that supports the intended user, regardless of extra features or capabilities. In some cases, it may be possible to find a cheaper stair lift with a high load capacity that travels a shorter distance or that is an older model.

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