What Are Some Tips for Comparing Mattress Brands?


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One tip for comparing mattress brands is to beware of comparable offers. Mattress makers typically create exclusive lines through particular store chains, and retailers claiming one brand is comparable to another may be deliberately or intentionally misleading consumers. According to Consumer Reports, it is almost impossible to know if a mattress is the same or comparable to another; however, informing a salesperson the buyer is also searching at other stores may result in special deal offers.

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Another tip for comparing mattress brands is for the buyer to test the beds himself rather than rely on company descriptions because one company may describe a mattress as "ultraplush" and another may describe the same kind of mattress as "supersoft." Testing the bed is especially important for those over the age of 40 or with back problems, as these individuals are more susceptible to changes in mattress pressure. Stores typically allow potential buyers to lie on mattresses for at least 15 minutes, which should be enough time to determine if the mattress is comfortable. To test the beds, it is best to wear loose clothes and test the feel of lying down in multiple positions.

Buyers should also research which brands offer comfort guarantees. Warranties are less useful because they typically only cover defective work or materials, but comfort guarantees may allow buyers to return a mattress up to two weeks after purchase for a small cost.

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