What Are Some Tips for Coming up With Landscaping Designs?


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Tips for coming up with landscaping designs include making a list of desires for the landscape, keeping weather and possible upkeep in mind, setting up focal points and adding life to a yard with accessories. The designer should start small with the project, be flexible and gradually build towards completion.

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What Are Some Tips for Coming up With Landscaping Designs?
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A list of wants and needs is a simple method for the designer to organize his thoughts. Those with children may want a play area for them, while a patio is a common choice for people who entertain guests frequently.

Weather considerations include which areas receive the most sunlight and what inclement weather is likely to occur. An area that receives large amounts of sunlight becomes hot and uncomfortable, making it a poor choice for a patio. If wind and rain are common, a covering over a patio or deck can shield people from the elements. The designer should plan ahead for necessary repairs or upkeep by creating a path large enough for vehicle access.

Effective focal points draw the eyes by being slightly different than the rest of the landscape. For a large landscape, an old tree is one option. Smaller landscapes should have smaller focal points, such as a fountain or statue.

Accessories include grass ornaments, flowers and plants. When used correctly, these add movement and life to the landscape.

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