What Are Tips for Cleaning Wool Rugs?

What Are Tips for Cleaning Wool Rugs?

Tips for cleaning wool rugs include to vacuum frequently, clean spots with warm water and wash stains with baking soda, white vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Avoid deep cleaning wool rugs at home as they retain moisture easily.

Regular vacuuming can help keep wool rugs in good shape. It is important to vacuum on a regular basis as dirt particles can easily get trapped deep in the rug. Individuals can use a floor tool to vacuum wool as the rotary brush attachment can cause pilling. They can also cacuum the back of the rug on an annual basis to get rid of dirt and dust around the back.

If stains occur, it is possible to absorb any liquid immediately with a cloth. To get rid of older stains, a good idea is to try adding some warm water to a spray bottle. The final step is to spray the stain with the warm water and blot the liquid with a cloth.

For stubborn stains, home cleaners can sprinkle baking soda on top of the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, they can vacuum the baking soda so that no traces of it remain on the rug. It is also a good idea to create a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing detergent and water to spot treat the stain. Cleaners should avoid using carpet cleaning solutions as these often contain alkaline ingredients that can damage wool fibers. Then, they can carefully blot the cleaning mixture into the stain with a towel to avoid adding too much moisture and then finally blot the area with water and use a towel to absorb any remaining moisture.

If possible, home cleaners should not wash wool rugs at home. If the rug needs a deep cleaning, it should be taken to a professional cleaner.