What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Wooden Blinds?

Tips for cleaning wooden blinds include cleaning them more often than normal blinds because they collect more dirt, using a step-stool for the higher portions of the blinds and never dousing them in water as the wood will absorb it. Also, use a slightly damp cloth for persistent stains and the blinds should be dried with a dry lint-free cloth.

The first step in cleaning wooden blinds is to check for them for any stains. For stains that appear to come off easily, a dry paper towel can be used. For more difficult spots, a wood cleaner and/or slight dampened cloth should be applied. After stains are taken care of, lightly dust the blinds with a feather, microfiber cloth or duster. Downward strokes rather than upwards one should be used in order to prevent unhooking any slats.

For more precise cleaning, the fingers can be used; using a pair of cotton gloves or old socks, run the fingers through each individual slat removing dirt along the way. For slats with heavy dirt build-up, spraying oil soap on them and then wiping them down is effective. To shine the slats, lightly apply dilute wood cleaner to them and then gently work it in.