What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture?


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To clean wood furniture, dust regularly, avoid using all-purpose cleaners, and polish the furniture with paste wax. Dust the wood furniture on a regular basis to keep the furniture cdlean and reduce the deep cleaning that needs to be done. This removes dust deposits that could otherwise cause scratches on the furniture over time.

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To avoid the dust from getting into the air, use a clean and soft cloth for dusting that has been slightly moistened. Feather dusters made of ostrich feathers also work well, since the dust clings to them instead of entering the air. These are good for more delicate surfaces, such as mirrors, picture frames, figurines and lampshades. When using a cloth for dusting, use something with no lint, such as a cotton cloth or t-shirt.

For cleaning the wood, use either a combination of mild detergent and water or a cleaner specifically meant for wood surfaces. Don’t use an all-purpose cleaner as it might damage some wood surfaces. If using a spray that is for wood surfaces, just wipe it one time with a clean cloth. However, if using soap and water, use a second cloth that rinses away the soap and wipes the surface clean. Use an oil polish or furniture oil to create a polished, slippery surface.

Periodically, use paste wax on a clean wood surface to provide additional protection. Put a ball of the wax in cotton fabric, roll it around the wax, and apply it to the furniture.

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