What Are Some Tips for Cleaning White Bathroom Tile?


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White tiles should first be sprayed with an all purpose cleanser, then the shower should be turned on using hot water. A volume of steam should be allowed to build up, then the shower should be turned off, the bathroom door closed, and the room left for about 20 minutes.

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What Are Some Tips for Cleaning White Bathroom Tile?
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After this, the tiles should be wiped down. Hot water can also be splashed on the tiles. Wall tiles should be cleaned from the top down using an anti-bacterial cleanser. The cleanser should be spread evenly over the tiles using a sponge or a clean cloth, then allowed to sit. The tile should then be scrubbed and rinsed, then dried with a clean, cotton cloth. To discourage water stains, the homeowner should apply a coat of car wax to the tiles about once a year.

Another consideration is whether the white tiles are porous or non-porous. Non-porous tiles need to be cleaned with stone soap, while non-porous tiles, such as those made of porcelain, can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleanser or a homemade cleaner made of water and vinegar. Bleach should not come into contact with the porcelain tile, and cleaners that contain dyes should also not be applied to white tile. Porcelain tile should also not be cleaned with steel wool because it abrades and leave rust stains.

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