What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Waxed Wooden Floors?

What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Waxed Wooden Floors?

To adequately clean waxed wooden floors, use solvent cleaners, buffing, abrasives and soapy water. Other tips for cleaning waxed wooden floors include using wax and cleaner, mineral spirits and liquid or paste wax.

Waxed wooden floors are common finishes for most houses, as of 2015, so the best form of maintenance is routine buffing and wiping. Solvent cleaners help remove stains, heel marks, caster marks and water stains. Apply light amounts of the solvent, and dry off the floor before buffing it.

Buffing is a common treatment for sensitive surfaces such as marble and waxed wood, since it retains their integrity and luster. Use a cloth or light-bristled brush, and rub it against the surface in circular motions. Aim for uniformity, gloss and consistency in color and depth during the buffing process.

Abrasives also help remove stains and blemishes. Recommended abrasives include steel wool, market dishwashing abrasives and fine sandpaper. Apply the abrasive gently along with wax, solvent cleaners or spirits.

Dura Seal Wax Cleaner is recommended for renovating waxed wooden floors. Apply this product after a thorough sweeping and vacuuming process. Select either the Neutral or Coffee Brown color for light or dark wood, respectively. Use 1 gallon per 500 square-meters of floor.