What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Walls?


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Some tips for cleaning painted walls include dusting them with a duster, washing them with cloths and sponges and vacuuming them with a brush attachment. Tips for cleaning wallpapered walls include dusting them, washing them with a dry cloth, spot cleaning them with an eraser or using the dry sponge method.

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Regular dusting with a duster or a soft cloth tied to a broom can keep dust and dirt from building up on walls. Vacuuming walls with a brush attachment is another good way to remove dust and dirt. Dusting works well on both painted and wallpapered walls. Dust walls before washing them, notes HGTV.

Washing walls with water and cleaner is an effective way to clean painted walls. Choose all-purpose cleaners for latex paint and detergent mixed with vinegar for oil-based paints. To wash walls, lay down a drop cloth to catch dripping liquid. Mix the cleaner with warm water and gently wash the walls with a natural sponge or soft cloth. Use a second clean sponge or cloth and some water to rinse the walls.

Although some kinds of wallpaper are washable, many are not. A basic gum eraser can remove marks, smudges and fingerprints from wallpapered walls. To clean older wallpaper with no protective coating, purchase a dry sponge from a hardware store and rub it into the walls.

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