What Are Some Tips for Cleaning With the Shark Rotator Vac or Steam?


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The cleaner needs to vacuum the floor before steam cleaning. A degreasing agent should be used to clean areas where there is a likelihood of grease buildup, such as kitchens, before steam cleaning. Users should keep checking the dust cup to make sure it never fills up while on vacuum mode and empty it when it reaches the MAX fill line.

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The FAQs section of Sharkclean.com advises users never to stagnate the machine with the micro-fiber pad attached at a particular point for too long. This causes the cleaned floor to have a cloudy, streaky or spotty appearance after steaming. Users should avoid the use of powder detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets, as they cause filtrates to remain behind on the pads that could be transmitted to the floor.

Always make sure that a clean micro-fiber pad is used to clean and after each cleaning job; wash them using warm water and liquid detergent. Users should never bleach them and should always let them air dry. When steaming over an area that has stubborn stains, use the scrubbing strips by tilting the machine a bit. Proper mounting of the steam nozzle and the multi-purpose pad to the cleaning unit before commencing work on steam mode is critical.

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