What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Out Your Basement?


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Tips for cleaning your basement include collecting all cleaning products first, covering the floor with drop cloths, cleaning the area around the furnace with warm, soapy water, and dusting the light fixtures before doing replacements. Use a cleaner made of clear ammonia, dishwashing liquid and water to wash walls.

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Put water in a bucket, add 1 teaspoon dishwater and 1 cup ammonia, and mix. Insert a natural sponge into the solution, and wash one wall at a time, starting from the bottom and advancing to the top. Use hot, foamy water to wash mold away, rinse with a clean rag, and let the area dry.

To clean basement windows, put 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water, add 1 pint rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons ammonia, soak nylon sponge into the solution, and use the sponge to wash the windows. Rinse the windows with clean water, and polish them dry with a rag.

Spatter baking powder over the floor and stairs to absorb odor, and vacuum. Alternatively, sweep the floor with long strokes, beginning from the corners toward the center of the room, and collect dirt with a dustpan. In small circular movements, hand wash the floor with a moistened cloth, making sure to start with the edges and progressing to other parts. Placing a pan of clean clay cat litter in the room may aid in eradicating odor and moisture.

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