What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a New Home?


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Before starting to clean a new home, make sure to get all the cleaning supplies ready, including garbage bags, a broom, a mop and a bucket of water. Some paper towels, rags and cleaning compounds are useful as well. Remember that you might get your clothes dirty when you clean, so wear something you don't need. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a good idea.

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First, collect any garbage that the old owners might have left and throw it away. After that, thoroughly sweep the floor to get it ready for cleaning with the use of a spray cleaner. It might be a good idea to sweep the floor several times. Once there is no more dust left, spray all the surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, and wipe them off. To get rid of all the dirt and bacteria, repeat the process several times on all the surfaces. Use a window cleaner for windows and glass surfaces.

While mop is a good tool for cleaning large areas, using your hands can help to clean everything more thoroughly. Use paper towels or rags and soap to clean the dirtiest spots. A dull knife can also help to get rid of dried food spots and gum wads.

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