What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a Marble Floor?


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Tips for cleaning a marble floor include dust mopping frequently to prevent the buildup of dirt and wiping up spills immediately. A microfiber or cloth dust mop picks up dirt and grime so it does not have a chance to scratch the soft stone and make it dull. Marble is porous, so spills have the potential to soak into the stone, causing permanent stains without quick removal. With proper care, a marble floor provides many years of service.

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If the floor requires mopping, owners should avoid the use of any acidic cleaners, including vinegar. Acids etch marble and destroy the shine. A dilute solution of ammonia or liquid dish soap works well for cleaning the surface. Owners should use a string mop and wring it very dry before mopping. After mopping the floor, the owner should rinse it with clear water and remove as much water as possible with a dry towel. Water left to sit on the floor can cause stains.

If the floor has lost its shine, owners should have a professional floor care company hone and buff the surface using wool. This process restores the luster to the floor and makes it more stain-resistant. Following the routine care steps reduces the frequency the flooring needs this type of care.

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