What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Leather Coats?


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Some tips for cleaning leather coats include testing a cleaning agent in an inconspicuous spot; buffing the soap used for cleaning; using rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar, cream of tartar, and linseed oil to remove mold, spots and road salt; and using leather conditioner to keep the material supple. In addition, clean the coat regularly, and remove spots and molds as soon as possible.

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Begin cleaning a leather coat by dusting it using a soft rag. Use saddle or moisturizing soap, work up a lather using a moist cloth, and buff it to make the leather shine.

Remove spots, road salts and molds at the earliest since they are difficult to remove if left for long on the coat. Test the cleaning agent on an inconspicuous spot on the coat to prevent discoloration.

To remove ink spots, rub rubbing alcohol or a paste made of equal amounts of cream of tartar and lemon juice on the spots using a soft rag, leave overnight, and wipe using a moist cloth. To remove water spots, apply a small amount of water on the area, and blow or air-dry it.

To get rid of road salts, blot a solution made of equal amounts of white vinegar and water using a cloth several times till the salts are removed completely.

For removing mold, scrub the coat with a brush, apply a solution of white vinegar or rubbing alcohol in water using a damp cloth, and allow the coat to dry. Wash remaining mold with saddle soap, wipe the lather away, and air dry.

To keep the coat supple when storing for long periods, use a leather conditioner. Alternatively, mix linseed oil and white vinegar in a ratio of 2 : 1, apply on the coat with a soft rag, and buff.

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