What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors?

What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors?

Tips for cleaning laminate flooring include avoiding sweeping, reducing the amount of soap used for cleaning, keeping the floor dry, and preventing the tracking of dirt and grit from the outside. Proper care keeps the floor looking its best and extends its useful lifetime.

As with wood floors, owners should not sweep laminate. Use a dry dust mop or a vacuum without the beater bar in operation to pick up dust and dirt from the floor. Brooms leave behind too much of the grit they are supposed to remove. A vacuum or dust mop does a better job.

If the mop water has too much soap, it leaves a sticky residue on the floor. Expensive products manufacturers sell for cleaning floors are also not necessary. Distilled vinegar with a small amount of dish soap or a few drops of essential oil does just as well.

Too much water damages laminates. A slightly damp mop provides the moisture cleaning the floor requires. A sponge mop that is only slightly wet is all the job requires. Mopping should not leave behind water puddles, and the floor should dry in a couple of minutes.

Doormats, both inside and outside the door, prevent residents and guests from tracking dirt and grime from outside the house onto the floor. Once on the laminate, the grit acts as sandpaper to wear away the finish. Trapping grit in doormats keeps it off the finish.