What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors?


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With the occasional deep cleaning, weekly vacuuming and the use of wood floor cleaners, cleaning hardwood floors becomes easier over time. Selecting a wood cleaner suitable for hardwood floors also ensures effectiveness and avoids damaging the floor.

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What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors?
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When dusting a hardwood floor, use mops treated with dusting agents, electrostatic cloths or even cloth diapers, all of which are soft and not likely to scratch the surface. Weekly dust mopping helps catch loose grime before it becomes ground into the surface of the floor. This requires wringing a mop so much that it is only slightly damp.

However, dust-mopping isn't enough to completely remove the grit and oil that accumulate over time on a hardwood floor. To address build-up, perform a deep cleaning twice a year using a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floors, taking care to remove any standing water or diluted cleaner to prevent it from staining the wood. Using a cleaning product not designed for wood floors can result in damage to the floor.

It is also helpful to vacuum the floor, with roller brushes removed to avoid scratching, on a weekly basis to prevent dirt particles from wearing through the finish. Using a no-wax wood cleaner periodically helps to remove any residue that has accumulated on a hardwood floor from spills.

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