What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a Hair Clog Out of a Shower Drain?


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Tips for removing a hair clog from a shower drain include removing the screen cover and using a bent wire hook to pull the hair clog from the drain. Straightening a wire coat hanger and then bending a small hook at the end provides a good tool for the operation. Other options include using an enzymatic cleaner, plunger or plumber's snake to remove the clog.

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If removing hair from a shower-tub combination, owners must often remove the plug assembly to access the drain. Removing the overflow hardware provides easier access to the trap, where some clogs form.

While chemical drain cleaners contain ingredients that sometimes harm the pipes, natural enzymatic cleaners are gentler. Owners should choose a product for use with a shower that contains enzymes to dissolve hair and not one for the kitchen drain, which manufacturers formulate to dissolve grease. With these products, it is essential that the user follow the label directions for best results.

Sometimes a plunger is effective at removing the clog. Since pipes get larger as they move away from the fixture, there is little worry about moving the clog deeper into the drain and making it harder to remove. Once it enters the larger pipe, water moves it to the sewer main. With a bathtub drain, the owner should cover the vent with duct tape to keep air from leaking as he uses the plunger.

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