What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a Glass Top Stove?


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Tips for cleaning a glass-top stove include cleaning the stove only when it is completely cool, using a baking soda paste to remove burnt-on food and wiping up spills right after they occur to prevent staining. Specialty scrapers are available to help remove tough residue from the glass surface.

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Baking soda pastes can be made using four parts baking soda and one part water or vinegar. Placing a wet cloth over caked-on debris on the glass surface for about 30 minutes before cleaning the stove can help loosen up the debris to make removal easier.

Liquid cleaners for glass-top stoves are designed specifically for cleaning these surfaces without leaving streaks or residue behind. Microfiber cloths and paper towels are two options for wiping away the cleaner and loosened grime. Only gentle pressure should be used when scrubbing or scraping a glass stove top, because excess pressure can cause cracks in the glass.

After cleaning, a glass-top stove should feel smooth to the touch. Any rough spots indicate a need for further cleaning. Sugary solutions, including syrups, can cause pitting in the glass if left sitting on the surface for a long time. Cleaning the stove after each use helps prevent damage.

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