What Are Some Tips for Choosing Storage Cabinets and Shelves?


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When selecting storage cabinets or shelves, first think about what needs to be stored and note the dimensions and weight of the items in order to determine how much and what size and strength shelving is needed. Consider ease of reaching items to determine shelf depth and height placement of the top shelves. Adjustable shelving is advised over fixed shelving because it adjusts to accommodate changes in your storage needs and maximize the use of space.

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What Are Some Tips for Choosing Storage Cabinets and Shelves?
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Cabinets with doors keep stored items out-of-sight and clean. Open shelving is useful for large bulky items, and items on open shelves are easy to see. Whether using cabinets or open shelving, storage experts advise having more shelves placed closer together rather than fewer shelves placed farther apart. Depending on the items to be stored, larger shelves increase the likelihood of stacking items so high on a shelf that they fall or are difficult to identify. Shelf placement of at least 6 inches to 1 foot off the ground is important for keeping stored items dry.

Depending on where the storage is located, consider a low cabinet on wheels for a crafts room or garage workshop.

If storage units are accessible to children, it is important to consider cabinet and shelf height and locks to protect children from substances such as paint, fertilizer, medicine and alcohol.

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