What Are Tips for Choosing a Stone-Cutting Saw?


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When choosing a stone-cutting saw, first determine whether you need a cut-off machine, a concrete chainsaw or a tile saw. Tile saws are very precise instruments, while cut-off machines are handheld, two-stroke machines that cut stone for a variety of applications.

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Handheld cut-off machines are useful for general stone-cutting applications when the ability to perform a variety of tasks is important. Concrete chainsaws are similar to standard wood-cutting chainsaws except that they feature diamond-tipped bits that cut smoothly through stone and concrete. Concrete chainsaws are ideal for applications in which a stone mason wishes to cut holes and deep grooves in stone, since the saw can plunge nose first into the material. Tile saws are delicate instruments that use wet-cutting blades to set tile and perform small masonry jobs with finesse.

When choosing a stone-cutting saw, make sure that the saw comes with comprehensive maintenance instructions and a viable warranty period. Also, be aware that concrete chainsaws must have at least 20 pounds per square inch of water running through the saw. Gas-powered saws must be filled with the correct mixture of oil and gas, since there usually no separate input for engine oil. If purchasing a cut-off machine, make sure to use high quality fuel to ensure long life and durability.

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