What Are Some Tips for Choosing Simple Farmhouse Floor Plans?

Some tips for choosing a simple farmhouse floor plan are to go for an open plan, keep things simple, choose stairs that are centrally positioned for convenience and splurge on a comfortable porch. It is also smart to avoid complexity and keep things small.

When choosing a farmhouse floor plan, opt for simplicity over complexity in both the style and the materials. Complex details, crown molding and other extras make a normally simple floor plan more expensive. This complexity also lends itself to a style with a lot of nooks and crannies. An open floor plan is best, giving even a small area the illusion of size and space. Instead of partitioning the kitchen, living room and dining room into separate areas, create a great room with the kitchen centered between and flowing seamlessly into the living room and dining room.

Keep the floor plan simple by conveniently placing the stairs in the center of the bottom floor and close to the garage for easy access to the other floors. Take advantage of space. For instance, place a combination craft and laundry room over the overhead room above the garage. Make room for a spacious front porch and a screened-in back porch, which provides plenty of outdoor lounging space during good weather and starry nights.