What Are Some Tips for Choosing Rocking Chair Cushion Sets?

What Are Some Tips for Choosing Rocking Chair Cushion Sets?

A rocking chair cushion set should fit the style and size of the chair comfortably, be constructed of multi-layered durable filler or stuffing, match or complement the materials and decor in the room, and include arm pads for chairs that are used for reading or rocking babies. Indoor and outdoor use is another important consideration. Treated canvas and synthetic fabrics are fade- and weather-resistant for rockers on decks or unprotected porches.

Different chair styles require different cushion construction. Classic wood rockers with spindles and slat seats and backs need ties to keep the padding from sliding around, or off, the chairs. A supportive nursery rocker works well with deep cushioning that cradles the caretaker and pads the chair arms.

One-piece rocker cushions are typically stitched at the point where the seat meets the chair back, so they conform to the chair. Look for or add invisible tabs to secure the cushion to the chair so it doesn't slide or bunch.

Iconic designer rockers use cushion sets that include attached or fitted seat pads and shorter backrest cushions, secured to the rockers at the tops of the chair backs. This reveals more of a chair's lines, and there should be openings or a rod to tie, tab or slide the removable top cushion on the chair.

Filling compresses over time, necessitating new stuffing or new cushions. Look for dense foam filling wrapped in cotton batting or resilient polyester filler to extend the life of the cushion set.