What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Mini Garden Fence?


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When choosing the right mini garden fence, first determine the animals that need to be kept out of the garden. With that information, choose the appropriate type of fence. Choose the size of posts to be used depending on the height of the fence, keeping in mind that the above ground portion is a foot less than the total height.. Place posts at least 6 feet apart, using heavy-duty posts on the corners and light-duty posts on the straightaways.

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To determine the animals causing damage in the garden, look for footprints, tooth marks on the foliage, or feces. If the species cannot be identified using that information, stake out the garden to try to catch the animals in action. The purchase of an inexpensive wireless motion sensor light makes identifying nocturnal animals easier.

Once the animals are identified, choose an appropriate type of fencing to keep them out of the garden. Chain link fences, poultry netting, rabbit guard and hex netting easily deter household pets and small wild animals. Welded wire fencing, as well as taller chain link fences, keep out larger animals. If absolutely necessary, electric fencing, commonly used to keep livestock at bay, is also an option.

When choosing posts, keep in mind the height of the fence fabric. Light-duty posts should be a foot longer than the fence fabric. Heavy-duty posts should be 2 feet longer.

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