What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Large Dish Drainer Tray?


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When picking a large dish drainer tray, some important factors to consider include the material it is made from, how durable it is, the angle of the tray’s base and the profile of its contours. You should also consider whether you prefer one with a utensil bin and whether it will fit well on your sink space.

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Most dish drainer trays are made of plastic or metal. Plastic is easy to clean but may produce mold or discoloration after extended use. Metal is very durable, but keep in mind that some metals give in to rust. The quality of plastic or metal used can be a good indicator of how durable the dish drainer tray is.

Look for a tray with round contours and fewer gaps. This makes sure that water and gunk do not accumulate around the edges of the tray and cause rust or mold growth. An angled tray also drains water much more easily than a flat one.

Opt for a dish drainer tray that comes with a cutlery or utensil bin attached to the side. This allows you to drain smaller utensils separately and saves space from the main tray area. Make sure the dish drainer tray fits in the allocated space and is large enough to meet your requirements.

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