What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Heil AC Unit?


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To choose a Heil air conditioning unit, visit Heil’s website, Heil-HVAC.com, browse the selection of products, and compare the features of the air conditioning units available to your needs. Click the Find a Heil Dealer link on the website’s home page to discuss your HVAC needs. Read Heil’s buying guide on the site to help make a decision about which system is right for you.

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Heil offers a range of air conditioning systems from which you can choose, so looking at the features offered by each system is a good way to narrow down your choices. A Heil system with an Observor communication system lets you customize the humidity, temperature and fan speed based on zones in your home throughout different periods of the day or week. Remote access and Wi-Fi capabilities are additional features that let you use the Internet to personalize the comfort level of the home. Programmable controls also make it easy to set the temperature for different times of the day, such as turning the AC down while you sleep or turning it up during the hottest hours of the day automatically.

Heil recommends replacing a home’s air conditioning unit when the cost of repairing the existing unit is near 50 percent or more of the cost of a new system or when the system needs frequent repairs. Heil also recommends replacing systems that have expired warranties, humidity problems or that are more than 15 years old.

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