What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Front Deck Riding Mower?


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An important tip to remember when choosing a front deck riding mower is to select a mower best suited for the terrain. A riding mower suitable for unobstructed grassy land might not be the best choice for mowing land with hills, trees and bushes. Riding mower transmissions include automatic, manual and hydrostatic options, and the choice of transmission determines the smoothness of operation and level of control. Mowers with slower speeds are best for lawns with obstacles.

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Riding mowers come with lots of features, and some are more important than others, depending on what type of terrain the machine must traverse. If a mower must maneuver up and down hills and around obstacles, a riding mower with robust engine horsepower is a good choice. Engine speed is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a mower, and a multi-speed riding mower is the optimal choice for lawns with a mixture of open space and obstacles. Alternatively, for large, open spaces, a mower with an automatic engine with cruise control is ideal for one-speed operation.

The turn radius of a riding mower is another important detail, and a small radius indicates that the mower is able to make tighter turns around obstacles. The best riding mower is one that is capable of meeting additional lawn care needs of the owner. Several riding mowers are capable of handling lawn clippings and have raking or bagging capabilities.

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